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Baby Rabbits For Sale

High Quality Lionhead, Mini Lops & Netherland Dwarf Baby Rabbits For Sale. Take yours home today.

Baby Rabbits For Sale UK.

We have been breeding rabbits for many years and have a great reputation for high quality rabbits, and great availabilty.

Choose from Lionheads, Mini Lops and Netherland Dwarf breeds.

We always have many colours available in all breeds.

Get in touch today to come and see for yourself.

Baby Rabbits Rob Stevenson

Rob Stevenson

Master Rabbit Breeder

I was offered my first Rabbit by our next door neighbour when I was 8 years old.
Their son no longer wanted it and after 2 days of begging crying and making promises I probably never kept, my mother finally gave in and let me have it.
After a while I took it to school and put it with the school rabbit which was a huge new Zealand white, she was a Flemish giant.
A month later she gave birth to 12 baby’s.
I was fascinated (and also grounded) but they all grew fast.
At eight weeks old I sold them all to netherfeild pet shop for 2 shillings each, I was in business.

From that day I never looked back i have been breeding Rabbits all my life.

At my peak I had a thousand breeding does and I was supplying the biggest pet superstore chain and many independent pet shops.

I was also on the council of the British Commercial Rabbit Association and the BCRA Rabbit advisor for Nottinghamshire Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

I have also acquired a vast amount of knowledge of rabbit nutrition and health problems and their solution and I have often been asked for advice by vets.

Now after 60 years of Rabbit breeding I am still going strong all be it on a smaller scale.

And I hope some of the people who buy Rabbits from me get the pleasure from them that I do.

Reason to buy your Baby Rabbit from us

Rabbit Health

We guarantee the health of all our baby rabbits.
If there is any problems with babies that have been properly fed and looked after we will happily replace them.

Rabbit Temperament

Our rabbits are born tame a lot of people selling rabbits spend alot of time taming them but they often revert to their true temperament after a week or so.

Rabbit Availability

We always have baby rabbits ready to leave so you won't have to come and pay a deposit and then come back weeks later to collect them.
You just pick your pet and take it away the same day.

Rabbit Diversity

We have several different breeds, in a vast array of colours, so we usually have the colour that you are looking for.

Rabbit Vaccinations

All our baby rabbits are vaccinated against Viral Heomorrhagic Disease RVHD1 and RVHD2 and also against Myxomatosis.
These vaccinations can cost more than £40 the at the vet.

Experienced Breeder

I have 60 years experience of rabbit husbandry and in that time l have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about rabbit nutrition and health.
I will be happy to give people all the advice they will need.

Rabbit Diet

Over the years I have ended up with what I believe is the best diet for my rabbits.
It is compounded into pellet form so as to ensure that they can't pick out the bits they like best.
All my babies leave with enough food to last for several months.

Rabbit Insurance

As well as our health guarantee we will also offer you four weeks free insurance with each baby rabbit.

Lionhead Baby Rabbits For Sale UK

Lionhead Baby Rabbits come in three types.

The standard Lionhead rabbits are a medium sized rabbit with a smooth coat and longer fur around the head resembling the main of a lion, hence the name.

Lionhead lops are a larger rabbit with loped ears like the mini lop they come in lots of colours and are very placid.

Netherland Lionheads are a very small rabbit bred from the standard Lionhead and the Netherland Dwarf and are often chosen for house rabbits.

Mini Lops Baby Rabbits For Sale UK

Mini Lops baby rabbits are our most placid breed and by far the most popular.

Our strain of mini lop goes back over thirty years and over that period we have been selecting only the most friendly animals as breeding stock.

So we can be sure that our babies are completely child friendly and never known to bite.

They come in a wide range of colours and make fantastic pets.

Netherland Dwarfs Baby Rabbits For Sale UK

Netherland Dwarf rabbits are the smallest breed of rabbit. Sometimes adults are as small as 500 grams although we do not breed them quite that small as they are not very strong.

When they are so small these are the ultimate house rabbit owing to their deminutive size and are popular world wide as a tea cup rabbit.